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WP Meaning in Gaming – Use and Origin Explained

WP meaning in gaming

Do you want to learn the meaning of WP in gaming?

People in the gaming community use numerous words and phrases. Some are very popular, while others are less popular. Players and people in the gaming community use these terms to communicate. It helps them convey their message without saying too much. It’s making sense right? So let me explain everything related to WP in gaming.

What is the Meaning of WP in Gaming?

In the gaming community, WP stands for “Well played”. At this moment you may have got the idea about it. Usually, when the game ends players say WP or well played to cheer up other team or players. This gesture type is important to show sportsmanship in the gaming community. Whether you talk about physical games such as Soccer, Cricket, and Baseball, or online games,  WP is used in both.

Is WP or GGWP the Same?

Like the term WP, people in the gaming community often are GGWP. This is where people get confused. But in reality, both are the same.  These don’t have a different meaning. Let me clear this to you.

Some say well played to cheer up the team or players. On the other hand, some may say good game well played. As you can see here, both terms are the same. It is the way of using these terms that makes them seem different.

How is WP Originate?

Now you know the meaning and use of the term WP, let us understand how it originated and became so popular. Talking about its beginning, it was started from the popular game DOTA. However, it does not have solid proof of this. In DOTA people say WP or GGWP whenever the game ends. In other words, this signifies the game’s end. Moreover, sometimes players may use it to congratulate the opponent’s team.

This was all about the WP or GGWP. I hope you liked this. If yes, then don’t forget to read our other helpful articles such as AFK’s meaning in gaming.

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