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POG Meaning – Explained with Practical Examples.

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POG Meaning in Gaming

Are you confused and want to understand POG Meaning?

If you are a gamer or watch live streams of other’s plays, you may have heard the term POG. It is a popular term in gaming used worldwide. But what does it mean? Moreover, from where did it start, and how did it become so popular? You will get to know everything so stay here.

Pog Meaning

The pog is one the most popular slang used by gamers. To understand how it was started, we need to head back to 2012, when emoticon was released. If we talk about just the word “POG” itself, it refers to the play of the game. However, this was not like this from the beginning. In the old days, when the Internet wasn’t available to everyone. It was used for a cardboard game that children used to play.

Since the gaming culture has evolved worldwide, the scenario has changed. The players and the audience started using words and slang that the community could easily understand.

As the gaming industry evolved, the term POG became more popular. As a result, people in the gaming industry generalized it as the play of the games.

In addition, it also refers to a emote, which looks like an open mouth. Essentially both contain the same meaning.

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When is the Term POG Used?

Although the word is confusing, its usage is quite simple. As you know, it refers to the play of the game, which means the series of actions that led to victory. On the other hand, when a player or his team shows exceptional gameplay, that series of actions is stated as POG in gaming terms.

Sometimes players themselves say this word. In the rest of the cases, the viewers use this term. During live streams, people spam POG in the chat section when something like this happens. It is more prevalent among twitch community members.

Wrapping up

The word POG is among those words/slang related to a specific field. Likewise, they are widely used by their community members. As a result, it makes their communication simpler. For instance, when a player plays live and does something remarkable in his gameplay, people use words like POG. Moreover, after seeing people spamming POG in the chat section, it’s evident to all what’s happened in the match. Even if the viewer joins later, he will understand what happened due to the chat section spamming that particular term.

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