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Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost – A Well Optimized Old GPU

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on ThhoughtSpawned in Delaware, Nvidia is a behemoth in software, technology, and AI. They build software and computing solutions for the new age. They work to create computer parts that take on the challenges of more recent technological needs, such as Artificial intelligence. They also develop applications for everything from the metaverse to cars and robotics. They also create desktop computers and gaming consoles.

However, the company is most known to the ordinary person for making graphic processing units or GPUs. These are better known as Graphics Cards, though it’s more a machine that helps computers, laptops, etc., to process graphics better.

NVIDIA GeForce 650 TI

Source: Unsplash

Though Nvidia is now working in the world of Artificial intelligence and high-performance computing, they were originally established as the premier graphics chip provider for gaming. They started in 1993 and quickly became a force to be reckoned with due to their line of graphics processors in 1997. Eventually, they even designed the graphics card for Microsoft’s Xbox video game console.

It is no wonder that even today, the company is known for its graphics processing units. Let’s look at graphic cards and why you should care about the Nvidia Geforce GTX Ti Boost.

What is a Graphics Processing Unit?

A graphics processing unit is a specialized machine or circuit designed to manipulate and alter computer memory to accelerate graphics rendering. What that means, in easier words, is the graphics processing unit is created for the particular purpose of getting better graphics.

Though this does not sound like much to those not in IT, we are using new-age and high-performance GPUs all the time. These are used for everything from watching Netflix on a 4K screen to creating cutting-edge videos and movies.

They are also essential for gaming. Let’s take a look at what

GPUs do for gaming:

GPUs are capable of rendering graphics in both 2D and 3D. This means that if the game you are currently playing has virtual reality elements and requires 3D rendering, a good GPU would ensure that the images are crisp along with the commonly found 2D graphics.
Since video games are more computationally demanding now, a GPU helps ease the burden of the CPU.

NVIDIA GeForce 650 Ti Boost

Source : Unsplash

A GPU is essential for everything from 4K screens to high refresh rates and Virtual reality gaming.

GPUs take on the burden of giving you better graphics performances and higher resolutions.
A good GPU ensures that every frame you see comes out crisp and stops any graphics-related lag.

When to get an External GPU

New-age games and videography make demands on graphics like never before. With people getting used to really good graphics, even for YouTube Videos, it’s no wonder that the demand for perfection is at an all-time high. New laptops and gaming rigs are keeping up with this demand. The graphics chips installed inside are getting better.
So if laptops are installed with high-end chips, what’s the point of an external GPU? If you are a professional, or at the very least, a heavy gamer, designer, photographer, or movie maker, graphics will make it or break it for you.
While laptops are upgrading, so are games and other media. Just because a new game comes out with specs your computer can’t handle doesn’t mean you’ll be buying a new laptop. Get an external GPU instead. Moreover there are other things that are essential for good performance. For instance SSD and Internet speed while gaming also affects gaming performance .
It’s also helpful if what you do on your laptop is graphics-heavy, but everything else works very well.
An external GPU works with other gaming rigs too

Games and how They Perform with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost

Despite being an older title, the GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost is a well-optimized GPU. It is also reasonably cheap compared to the RTX series or the newer GPUs, though it can be hard to find.

Games are playable though some might not be as impressive considering that you use an external GPU. If you take care of bottlenecks and other peripheral and CPU issues, here are some games and how they generally work with the GeForce GTX Ti Boost.

Call Of Duty Warzone

The game came out in 2020, so it’s not built for the GTX Ti Boost, but it’s playable. The FPS averages around 47, which isn’t terrible, but it isn’t the best. You can see your enemies, but you’re better off playing this one with the graphics card you already have, especially if you have a gaming laptop.

Call of Duty Warzone

Source: Unsplash


It’s an older game that works well with the GTX 650 Ti Boost. FPS rates average above 60, so it’s not only playable, it looks good too.

Cyberpunk 2077

This one came out in 2022 and thus is far more advanced than the GTX Ti Boost can handle. The FPS rates average around 30, and the game, known for its graphics, is kind of lost.

Dota 2

It came out in 2013, and the GPU works well for this game. The FPS rates average well above 100, and the game looks and works well.

Final Thoughts on Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost

Today, The GeForce GTX 650 is outdated in gaming GPUs. Many new games aren’t as impressed with this external GPU as one might think. However, it is very well-optimized and still works impressively with older games. This GPU is also not ready for the 3D and Virtual reality Graphics the gaming world is working with these days, so games like Cyberpunk simply don’t work.

If you are playing anything released recently, your best bet would be to buy a newer model from Nvidia’s impressive line of GPUs. The Geforce GTX Ti Boost is cheap and awesome if you play older games. If you are a streamer or a really series player of games pre-2015 and need an external GPU, get this one because there is no point in buying the more expensive, newer versions.

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