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Smurfing in Gaming? Everything You Need to Know

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Smurfing in Gaming

Do you want to know about smurfing in gaming?

It is a word that people are hearing for decades now. As you are reading this article, I assume that you have come across a similar situation. Some people say it is expected. On the other hand, some don’t like this term. Especially when a famous pro does this, what is it, and why do some call it controversial? You will get to know everything about it.

What is Smurfing in Gaming?

Smurifng in gaming is referred to a situation when a player, by will, tries to avoid facing tough opponents. Because of this, he gets to play against low-ranked or low-skilled players. This can be done in multiple ways. Some games let you purchase these smurf games. On the other hand, in other games, you can create different accounts and use a smurf account.

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Why do Players do Smurfing in Gaming?

Many people do this to get easier lobbies in online games like Overwatch, Counter-strike, Call of Duty, PUBG, etc. On the other hand, some say it is cheating. But the question is, why do people do it? That said, let’s understand the player’s mindset behind it.

Smurfing in Gaming

1. Stat Padding Against Easier Players

Believe it or not, most players who do this are unskilled or low-skilled. Like all other players, they also want their statistics to be good. But the reality is they can maintain good stats against tough opponents. As a result, they create a smurf account and try to stat pad.

2. To Improve Win Ratio

Improving the win ratio is another significant factor behind choosing a low-ranked lobby. Some people want their statistics high, while others want to win the game. These types of players don’t care much about other stats. By choosing a low-ranked lobby, they can improve their win ratio.

3. To Improve Tier

Most online multiplayer games have a tier system. The players with good statistics are ranked in the high tier, whereas low-skilled ones have a low tier. To increase their rank or tier, the players must earn a good point in most games. As the tier increases, the lobby gets difficult. That’s why it gets challenging for some players.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to avoid this situation. For instance, if a high-rank player team up with average players, he gets an easy lobby. The chances of getting easy lobby get even higher if he has more than one newbie player in the team. This way, it gets easier for him to increase the tier.

How to Spot a Smurf Account?

There is no way to tell whether an account is a smurf. But if you try to understand deeply, you can spot these accounts. I have mentioned some characteristics of a gaming account.

  1. He doesn’t have good coordination with his team.
  2. He has a randomly generated name.
  3. His outfits need to suit his play style.
  4. He is playing better in comparison to other lobby players.

Can We Smurf in All Games?

Now you know what smurf means. Can we smurf in every category game? The simple answer to this question is no. Smurfing is related to multiplayer games, where you connect with other real players. For this reason, you can smurf in other category games. However, some games offer you to play as per your skill level. For instance, easy, medium, and large.

Is Smurfing in Gaming Bad or cheating?

We can’t say it is cheating, but it’s not good. We can’t say it is cheating because the player isn’t using any illegal way or hack to play. On the other hand, if we consider fair gameplay, then it’s not a good thing to do. This is because games are a fun way of enjoyment. People try to enjoy their spare time. When a player smurfs in gaming, he worsens other gamers’ experiences. As a result, many players stop playing these types of games.



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