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What is Ping in Gaming, and Why is it Important?

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Ping In Gaming

If you want to understand what is ping in gaming? You have come across the right place. Whether you know it or not, ping is of utmost importance in a live game. How does it affect the gameplay, and how can you solve the issue? You will understand everything through the article, so keep reading.

What is Ping

Ping Stands for Packet Internet Groper. It is a method for determining communication latency between two networks. In other words, ping is the speed at which your computer or network communicates with other networks. If you are a gamer, you may have noticed it even if you didn’t understand it then.

If that sounds too technical to you, don’t worry. Let me clear ping with an example to you. It affects live games such as Pubg, free fire, apex legends, and fortnight. It mainly depends on the internet speed. In gaming terms, it is the delay between your input and the response you receive on it. The less it is, the better it will be for you.

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What is the Ideal Ping Range

ideal ping range

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As you already know, it should be low for the best experience. Still, in a particular range, it is accepted as an ideal range.

1. 20ms – Excellent: This is an optimal range for gaming. You will have a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

2. 20 – 50ms – Good: It is also an ideal range for gaming. Although the experience is not as good as what we saw with 1-20 ms, still, the experience is quite great.

3. 50ms – 100ms – Decent: This is the most common ping range. The experience in this ping range is decent here. However, you will have some issues between the games. Those will occur occasionally. Moreover, your experience also depends on other players’ ping.

4. 100ms – 300ms – Playable: The gameplay hinders your experience in this ping range. You will then lag and have issues from time to time. Although you can still play the game, the experience will be less enjoyable.

5. More than 300 – Unplayable: In this range, the gameplay is hilarious. You will notice lag mostly in the game. There will be a noticeable delay in your inputs. Overall the gaming experience is far from good.

How to Solve High Ping in Gaming

Now you understand how important it is to have a good ping, it’s time to find the solutions for it.

Choose the Proper Internet Plan

The internet plan you use has a direct relation to ping. If it doesn’t provide good speed, your experience will become far from good.

Don’t Multitask while gaming.

If you want a good gaming experience, don’t multitask while playing. This is because you don’t get enough internet speed to play games smoothly when you multitask.

Buy a Better Gaming Device

Sometimes the reason is different from the internet speed. If your device isn’t capable, you will face issues even after having a good internet connection. So next time you buy your gaming device, remember to check its signal reception quality.

These are the tips and tricks for you that can help you solve ping issues for you.

Final Thoughts

Ping plays a crucial role when you play online games. Regardless of your skills, you will not be able to perform well. Now you know how it works and how to solve your related issues, you can enjoy your favourite games.

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