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OP Meaning in Gaming – How it Become Popular?

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OP meaning in gaming

If you are a gaming fan, I am sure you have heard the word OP. Often gamers use this word while playing. Moreover, most gamers and game lovers understand this word. On the other hand, new people in the gaming community sometimes don’t understand this gaming slang. Even though they hear it often, they don’t understand its meaning. The reason behind this could be players mostly use its short form.

They don’t say the whole word overpowered. For this reason, some people get confused with its meaning even after hearing it many times. If you also need clarification on OP Meaning in Gaming, please be here until the end of this article.


OP Meaning in Gaming

The term Op means ‘Over Powered.’ Moreover, this term is used more in royal battle games such as Apex legends, Pubg, Free Fire, and Fortnight. On the other hand, you will not hear the OP word usually in different categories of games. Now back to the point,  this term is used for an exceptionally skilled player. In gaming terms, if a player shows incredible gameplay, it is called an OP performance.

For instance, while playing a game like Pubg, when a player outperforms the enemy team, it is called OP, Or we can say when a player is too skilled to be defeated by the other team, called op. As a result, the enemy team can’t handle your skill level.

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How did OP Slang Become Popular?

People have been playing games for years. For example, puzzle games, racing, or fighting games. But the term Op wasn’t common. For the past few years, gaming has become popular. Since the gaming community has grown worldwide, people have started watching gamers play games. These gamers used to say words like OP, clutch, etc. As a result, these words become common among gamers and also who watch others play.

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