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Packet Loss in Gaming – Understand and Fix it Easily

As a PC gamer, you know that packet loss in gaming is not new. Gamers have been facing this issue for years now. Only a gamer can understand how much frustrating this problem is. Earlier, the problem was only related to PC users. For the past few years, many games have been available for smartphones that can have the same problem. For instance, PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty, Free Fire, Fortnight, etc.
Moreover, you can solve this issue by identifying it. You will understand it throughout the article.

What is Packet Loss in Gaming?

The absolute meaning of packet loss in gaming is the loss of data packet packets. When the data sent by your computer is somehow lost in between and doesn’t make it to the destination is known as packet loss. It’s nothing less than a nightmare to all the gamers out there. If you still find it difficult to understand, let me clear the loss of the packet in gaming with a simple example.

loss of data

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Suppose you ordered a keyboard for playing games. The courier company accepted your order and dispatched it to your address. But in the midway, while the delivery of other couriers, your parcel gets lost. If you examine the whole process here, the courier company sent the item to you, but it didn’t reach the destination. This is a simple example of packet loss. There can be multiple reasons behind this, and it’s essential to fix it. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy your favorite game for a moment.

Impact of Packet Loss on Gameplay

If you ask any gamer what’s the one thing that frustrates them the most? Most of them will answer data loss (packet). I have mentioned some negative impacts of it below.

Too Much Lag

Loss of data makes it difficult for you to play. It gets even worse when you think you killed the enemy. For instance, you saw and every and shoot. In your view, you killed the enemy. But in reality, your bullet didn’t hit him because of packet loss. At the same time, you got killed by him(which you don’t understand because of the loss of data).

Facing Trouble Logging in

It’s also a general impact of the loss of data. When this happens, it gets challenging for you to log in. You may fill in the login details and hit enter. Still, you cannot enter the game, let alone play. Sometimes, you can get redirected to the login page again and again. Sometimes you may get redirected to the same place again and again.

Unplayable Latency

At this moment, you understand that loss of data means when the data gets lost midway. It continues, and it will also cause latency issues known as ping in gaming. When this happens, it gets almost impossible to play, let alone win. Nobody wants to be in this situation.

How to Fix Packet Loss in Gaming

There are multiple ways, you can use to solve this issue. To make things simple for you, we have mentioned the best ways for you.

Change you Internet

The thing that impacts packets in gaming the most is internet speed. If your internet speed is not good, you must change it. I recommend choosing a well-established brand for your internet services. They will not just provide you with good Internet, but will also take care if you face any internet issues.

Check if your Internet plan is Right.

As you know, it highly depends on the internet speed. That is why you need to check if your plan provides sufficient bandwidth. If the answer is no, then it’s time to upgrade things. Opt for a plan that offers you a minimum of 100 Mbps speed.

Using LAN will be Better.

It’s well-known that a wired connection is better than a wireless one. That is because data travel is much smoother in a wired connection than in a wireless one. So next time, whenever you play games, use a LAN. This way, you will get better internet speed without changing your current connection.


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Close all background Applications.

It’s the simplest thing you can do to solve packet loss in gaming. For this, you need to check applications running in the background. These applications use data for no reason. As a result, the game you are playing can’t receive the right internet speed, resulting in the negative impacts discussed above.

Can you fix Packet Loss Every Time?

The answer to this question is yes, sometimes no. There are some reasons behind saying so. For instance, if the problem is on your side, then you can fix that using the above-given solutions. Whereas if something is wrong from the server side, nothing will happen no matter how many ways you try. Overall, packet loss is an annoying situation. To enjoy your favorite games, you should follow all the guidelines properly.


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