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How Much it Cost to Build a Gaming PC – Includes Tips to Save Money

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Are you wondering how much it cost to build a gaming PC?

Playing your favourite games on a powerful gaming PC is nothing less than a dream come true. Due to budget issues, people think not everyone can build a gaming PC. This is because making a gaming PC is a relatively expensive task. In reality, this doesn’t need to be that way always. If you know your requirements correctly, then building a PC is not a complicated task. Moreover, you can build a decent PC on almost any Budget. This feels exciting right?

To help you build your gaming PC, this article will help you with everything, such as essential components, Budget, and performance, so you can build your dream gaming PC without harming your pocket.

Budget Matters

I am sure you know that Budget is essential to building a gaming PC. Everyone can build a good gaming PC if the budget issue is not there. Does that mean you can’t build a good gaming PC within the Budget? The answer is not. It just needs the proper knowledge. Then everything seems to be much more straightforward.

Below I have explained the best component for every user category and price. So try to understand everything carefully.

Types Of PCs and Their Estimated Cost

Cost to Build a Gaming PC – Budget Gaming

These are entry-level gaming PC. You can build these PCs on almost every Budget. Remember to choose the right CPU(central processing unit) and GPU(Graphics Processing Unit). However, you have a couple of options in this segment.

For good performance, you should go with the intel i3 or Ryzen 3. Don’t confuse about these options. Just understand that these two are the best budget options. These processors are capable enough to provide you with the best possible performance within the Budget.

You can do decent gaming in this category, such as playing PUBG, COD, The witcher, etc. However, you must set your graphics low to have reasonable frame rates. Talking about GPUs, you have to choose between two categories. 1. Integrated graphics and Dedicated graphics. I recommend a dedicated graphics card, at least Radeon VEGA 56 or anyone from GTX 1060. This way, you can play modern games at around 60FPS.
Regarding the cost of this category of gaming PCs, we need to look at the component price.

Cost to build a gaming PC

Source : Unsplash

i3/Ryzen 3 Processor     =   100$ to 150$
GTX 1060                       =   150$ to 200$
RAM                               =    50$
PSU 550W                      =   40$
1 TB SSD                        =   40$
256GB SSD                    =   35$
Total                                =   500$ Approax

Cost to Build a Gaming PC -Midrange Gaming PC

Here comes the exciting segment, which is midrange. This is the most common segment of gaming PCs. This is because PCs built in this segment can handle almost any normal tasks and games. That’s why it is the sweet spot for most gamers. Now comes the GPU part.

You have two options to choose from Radeon or NVIDIA. If possible, try to select from NVIDIA. This is because NVIDIA is the go-to choice for all budget needs. Talking about the performance, you expect a decent level of gaming, even in 2k resolution, which is more than enough for most users.

i5/Ryzen 5 Processor       =    150$ to 250$
GTX 1650 Ti                     =    150$ to 250$
RAM                                 =    100$
PSU 550W                       =      50$
1 TB SSD                         =      50$
256GB SSD                     =      35$
Total                                 =      $700 – Approax

High-End Gaming PCs

This segment is for all the hardcore gamers out there. Those who don’t want to compromise on performance should build the PCs in this segment. Talking about the components, these PCs are powered by high-end processors such as Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9, Intel i7 and i9, etc. Intel i7 or Ryzen 7 is more than enough for most people.

However, if you are an extreme user, you do 4k video editing, professional gaming, 3D designing, etc. I would suggest you go with an i9 or Ryzen 9. Both are the best possible options you can get. The performance of both chips is almost similar. You can go with either. You will not have any issues.

Gaming PC

Source : Unsplash

i7 Processor                 =         350$ to 500$ (i9 will be even more expensive).
GTX 1060                     =        150$ to 300$
RAM                             =         50$
PSU 550W                   =         40$
1 TB SSD                     =         40$
256GB SSD                 =         35$

Total                             = 1000-1200$ Approax

Some Tips to Save Money

Go With an Older Processor

This may not seem very clear, but it will save you money. Processors are costly when they launch or are new. As they get older, the price drops significantly. Even though the 1-2 years old processor is cheaper than the latest, the performance is almost the same. The performance upgrade in the latest processor is around 10%, which makes them a bit expensive compared to its older version.

An important thing to remember here is don’t go with processors older than three years. Anything less than that with some discount is reasonably good value.

Look for Old GPU

GPUs are upgraded less frequently by companies as compared to CPUs. So look for a value-for-money GPU in your Budget. Try to buy it during sales. You will save plenty of money you can spend to purchase other essential things, for instance, Gaming Keyboard, Gaming Mouse, Gaming Headphones, etc.

Don’t go For High SSD

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is the latest form of computer storage. It makes the PC faster, loading apps and software much faster. Regarding the actual gaming performance, SSD doesn’t affect performance much other than loading games more quickly. So please don’t use too much SSD, as it will extend your Budget. If you want to know more about this, read out detailed guide on how much SSD do you need for gaming?

Final Thoughts on Cost to Build a Gaming PC

Building a gaming pc is a complex task for most people. This is because people build PCs for the long term. This article showed that this process could be simple and affordable. With the proper knowledge, you can build a solid gaming PC in almost any budget range. You just need to figure out your requirements. Then the process is fun.

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